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SR22 Modesto, CA

If you have never encountered any challenges related to DUI, suspended license or any other legal issues that involve your vehicle, you probably might not have enough knowledge of what SR-22 means. Without mincing words, SR-22 is a form of additional certificate which proves that a person has a policy that meets the minimum requirements for auto insurance in a specific state. Every state in the US has certain regulations that determine these minimum requirements.

SR-22 can also be referred to as proof of your ability to maintain insurance coverage and take care of all sorts of financial responsibilities that may be incurred when using a car. If you have been mandated to get an SR-22 and you have not gotten it, it is wrong for you to drive your car. Notably, having an SR-22 can increase your insurance premium.


Why do i need a SR22?

When it comes to looking for ways to get affordable SR-22, only a few people will be concerned as this additional certificate is not for everybody. Also called Certificate of Financial Responsibility, SR22 is meant for people who have violated one or more traffic regulations and failed to prove their ability to take responsibility for any financial obligations on their cars.

Some of the factors that may necessitate getting SR-22 are:

  • Driving without having an adequate insurance policy in place

  • Driving under influence (DUI) conviction

  • Several at-fault traffic violations or accidents

  • Hardship license – this type of license is only issued as a temporary alternative to suspended license

  • Repeated traffic violations within a short period


Where do i Get an SR22?

If there is a need for you to get cheap SR-22, do not hesitate to contact a trusted insurance company. All you have to do is to buy an affordable SR-22 from the company, and you can continue using your vehicle. In most states, SR-22 is relatively affordable as it costs around $25. Nevertheless, if you have an existing insurance policy with an insurance company, you may get free SR-22 from them. The company will only add the SR-22 certificate to your existing insurance policy so that you can continue driving the car.

It should be noted that SR-22 can be complicated in a few cases. For instance, if you move to a new state while having SR-22 in the previous state, it is mandatory that the SR-22 meets the minimum requirements for auto insurance in the two states.

Considering the various complications attached to SR-22, it is advisable for you to avoid having it by driving safely every time. You should also not drink and drive as this can cause DUI conviction or suspended license which, in turn, leads to legal issues that may demand that you have SR-22. Also, avoid driving whenever your insurance is not enough.

In a nutshell, contact a reliable insurance company today if you are required to get SR-22. For the SR-22 to be removed from your insurance, you have to maintain your coverage for about three years or more depending on the regulations of your state.

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