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DMV Services in Modesto, CA

  • Registration Renewals

  • Title Transfers

  • Plates

  • Stickers

  • Out of State Transfers 

  • and more........

There comes a time once a year that most people are not looking forward to and that is your registration renewal. One issue is the fees and the bigger issue is having to wait in line at your local DMV office in order to pay your fees. Well what if we told you that we can eliminate one of those things at our facility. Our office is highly trained to process your DMV paperwork in a time efficient manner. We process registration renewals, transfer of ownership when you have recently purchased a vehicle from another party, moving permits, duplicate title if you have lost or if the title was stolen among other services. No waiting in lines, No hassle, its fast and easy so you can spend more time doing what you like to do. feel free to come in to our office with no appointment needed!!!!!!

SR22 insurance DMV Services


SR22 insurance DMV Services

I. What do i need to renew my registration?

   If you are renewing your car registration you will need:

   * DMV renewal form.


   * Current or expired registration. 

   (old/expired registration has to be 3 years old or newer)

   If you have neither, do not worry we would just need the last three numbers of the vehicles VIN number and license plate number and you would sign a Reg. 156 at our office which is a Application for Replacement Plates, Stickers, and Documents.

* Smog check(if indicated) A Smog check is required every other year in the state of California.

II. What do i need to transfer a title into my name?

   If you are transferring ownership on a vehicle you will need:

   * Smog check (within 90 days of transfer)

   * Certificate of title (pink slip)

      If certificate of title (pink slip) was lost or stolen a Reg. 227 Application for Duplicate or Paperless Title would need to be filled out to replace the certificate of title.

If you have any questions regarding a vehicle transfer or registration renewal feel free to contact our office (209) 661-7171.



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