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Whether you are a new rider or an experienced one who has been riding a motorcycle for many years, accidents or theft can happen at any time. Resultantly, you must learn to protect yourself, other road users and your motorcycle by buying affordable motorcycle insurance.

With the help of bike insurance, you are protected from the financial and legal obligations that may arise as a result of theft or accidents. Whether you have a car that is covered by insurance or not, you are required by law to buy insurance for your motorcycle.


Types of Coverage for Motorcycle

Bike insurance coverage is almost the same as coverage for other automobiles. The major types of coverage are:

  • Liability coverage

Liability coverage is put in place to pay other people or objects if they are injured or damages by the accidents you have caused. Although there are minimum requirements for each state, you can offer your motorcycle more protection by buying more than the minimum requirements. This ensures that any legal claims and obligations can too.

  • Comprehensive coverage

If your motorbike is damaged or stolen, comprehensive coverage ensures that you get a payout. However, this coverage does not cater for damages caused by collisions.

  • Collision coverage

This coverage for providing you protection if your motorcycle as a result of a with another vehicle.

  • Personal injury protection

Personal injury coverage protects you in case of any injuries caused by accidents. Whether you are at fault or not, this protection covers you, your passenger and pedestrians. Also, it protects you in case of wage loss and other related issues.

  • Medical payments

Just like personal injury protection, medical payments offer you a payout for any injuries to you, your passenger or pedestrians. However, this coverage does not protect you if there is any loss of wages as a result of the injury.


How to Get Cheap Motorcycle Insurance

If you are looking for low-cost motorcycle insurance, it is paramount for you to understand some of the factors that are considered when determining premiums and deductible of bike insurance.

  • The type of your bike

The more expensive and fanciful your bike is, the more expensive your insurance is.

  • Your location

If you in an area with a accident or crime rate, it may be difficult for you to get .

  • Your age

Since older people are more likely to be careful than younger ones, they are likely to get .

  • Your driving history

If you have a history of accidents with any automobiles, your insurance will be costlier.

Whether the factors mentioned above are in your favor or not, there are still a few things you can do to get affordable motorcycle insurance. The things you can do include:

  • Buy more than one policy from one insurance company

  • Compare bike insurance quotes of different companies

  • Do not buy unusual or modified motorcycle

  • Keep a clean driving record

  • Park your motorcycle in a safe and secure environment always

  • Reduce your mileage

  • Add more security devices to your motorcycle

  • Ride alone always

Implement the various points listed above and provide your motorcycle with long-lasting protection against thefts and accidents.

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