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Understanding SR22 Insurance in California: What You Need to KnowPart II

If you have a history of driving-related convictions or are obligated to maintain liability insurance to retain your driver's license, securing an SR22 form from your auto insurance provider might be necessary. Given the variety of available options, selecting the right insurance company is crucial. Should you require guidance on the best policy for your needs, we're here to assist you.


Obtaining an SR22 filing on its own (non-owner) will come with a cost but there is a way you can avoid a monthly premium, and that's by filing your SR22 with your auto insurance policy. You will probably be subject to a one-time filing fee, but having the sr22 on the policy should avoid a monthly cost.

Removing the SR-22 Designation: What You Need to Do?

To eliminate the high-risk SR22 designation from your driving record, follow these steps tailored to California regulations:

  1. Contact the DMV: Contact the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to verify your probation period has been met.

  2. Notify Your Insurance Agent: Once you receive the necessary information from the DMV, inform your insurance agent to cancel the SR22 portion of your policy.

  3. Timing Considerations: It's vital to time the cancellation of your SR22 coverage appropriately. Terminating it prematurely could result in license suspension and potential fines.

  4. Potential Rate Reduction: Upon discontinuing the SR22 filing, it may or may not decrease your rates. If your rates don't decrease it is due to the violation still being on your record, as some major violations remain on your record for 10 years in California. During that period it is an opportune moment to compare rates and explore options for equivalent or superior coverage at a more affordable rate.

For individuals who were required to file a Non-Owner SR22 despite not owning a vehicle, canceling the insurance policy entirely might be an option.

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