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Understanding SR22 Insurance in California

sr-22 auto accident

What You Need to Know; Part ONE

If you find yourself in a situation where your driver's license has been suspended and an SR22 filing is required to reinstate your license, it's important to be well-informed about SR22 insurance in the state of California. Here are key points you should be aware of:

The California SR22 Form and Its Purpose: The California SR22 form is a crucial document your car insurance company provides. Its purpose is to verify that you've met the state's requirements for liability insurance. Once issued, your insurance provider will provide you with a hard copy and will electronically file this form to the appropriate authorities.

Requirement for License Reinstatement After DUI: For individuals aiming to reinstate their driver's license after being charged with a DUI, SR22 insurance becomes a mandatory requirement apart from signing up for the DUI program. This form of insurance helps to demonstrate your commitment to responsible driving behavior.

Specialized Policy for Specific Cases: SR22 insurance is a specialized policy aimed at certain drivers. This includes individuals who have been cited for driving under the influence (DUI) or refusing to undergo testing. Commonly referred to as "installment" insurance, it necessitates an annual premium payment to maintain active coverage.

Duration of SR22 Requirement: In California, the standard duration for needing SR22 insurance is typically three years though it may vary in some cases. During this time, you must ensure the consistent presence of the SR22 form to fulfill your legal obligations.

Potential for Other Serious Violations: Apart from DUI/wet and reckless cases, SR22 insurance might also be mandated for severe traffic violations like {being involved in an accident without auto insurance, regardless of whether at fault or not. Other violations include reckless driving (speeding over 100 mph, dangerous maneuvers, street racing etc. Though the cost of an SR22 filing is not expensive, the impact of the violation on the premium is.}

Non-owner SR22 vs owner SR22: A non-owner SR22 policy is when a filing is required but the individual doesn’t own a vehicle, which allows the filing to take place still. An owner SR22 is when the individual owns a vehicle and can file the SR22 with his auto policy, which may be more beneficial in certain cases.

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