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What to Expect Regarding Your Auto Insurance Accident Claim

By: Nadrich & Cohen Personal Injury Law Firm

Dealing with your own insurance company after an accident can be difficult and stressful, but it can be made easier by knowing what to expect.

Some people choose to contact a personal injury lawyer before they even contact their insurance company. But, remember, this is why you pay for insurance - - for assistance in your time of need following an accident. Your auto insurance company is here to assist you and advise you of available coverage following an accident.

After You File a Claim

You will be contacted by your insurance company after you file your claim. They will ask you for detailed information about your loss and they might take a recorded or written statement.

Witnesses and other drivers may be contacted as part of an investigation. If more than one vehicle was involved in an accident, your insurance company will reach out to the other party’s insurance company, in order to determine who is at fault. In some cases, there may not be an immediate determination as to fault, and a police report will be requested.

Vehicle Damage Evaluation

A qualified appraiser or adjuster will inspect the damage to the vehicle, and then write an estimate based on this inspection. It is not uncommon for additional damage to be found while the car is being repaired. Shops will contact insurers for approval regarding additional repair costs in this circumstance

Insurance companies will typically pay either the cost to repair the vehicle or the vehicle’s fair market value. A check can be issued to the insured, any lien holder, and sometimes the repair facility.

How to Get Around After Your Accident

If you have rental coverage under your auto insurance policy, your insurance company will coordinate a rental car for your use while your car is being repaired. Your policy may also provide rental coverage in the event your car gets stolen. To determine whether you have rental coverage, you would need to consult your policy or contact your insurance company.

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